December 12th in Mexico

Today was december 12th, 2012. This day was kind of special because is the date we remember the Virgen Mary of Gudalupe. She is the authentic Mexican Queen.
Early in the morning, one of the employees of the factory where I work, (it’s not exactly a factory; I’ll explain about it some other time) called and told us: today I don’t have to go to work, ‘cos is Guadalupe and we all going to Mass and will have the rest of the day off.
The union, which is a communist organization, even them respect this very catholic celebration. Is that important.
All over the Country, the «fire holders» in spanish «antorchistas» run from one place to another, in what is called a peregrination. Is a promise they made because they want to obtain something or they already have and want to thank her.


«Please, venerated mother» we pray, «grant me what I beg. If you do, I will peregrinate from … To … » It’s a «manda» is mandatory, you have to. You promised!
So all around the country the fire holders are runing trying to keep their promises.
Mariachis sing their songs with special devotion. I think there is not a single city in Mexico without  a church dedicated to Guadalupe. To that church the mariachi arrives at midnight, just beggining the 12th; and sings «Las Mananitas» because is the Virgen’s birthday.

My personal Exprience With Guadalupe

Mary of Guadalupe is very special. It’s been said that we mexicans are 80% catholics and 100% Guadalupanos. I myself  felt the love of the Virgen Mary of Guadalupe many times. I have been graced with several visits to The Village or «La Villa» wich is the Church, a very big one, that holds the Sacred Fabric or Sacred Robe with the image of the Virgin. Is something magical, supernatural, very mistical.

I remember clearly being 6 months pregnant with my oldest, and feeling him jump inside of me at the exact minute we past in front of the Virgin image.

So thanks, Guadalupe, I have much to thank you.

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