Being forty

A lot it’s been written about being forty.
Being forty, or forty-two like me, it’s about: liking yourself. That follows «knowing yourself». I right now have a pretty good idea of who I am, what I like and dislike, who I like to spend time with, and so on.
Maybe all the knowing yourself stuff it’s more like making a list of your «likes» and «dislikes» and that is it.
So, knowing my-self is liking my self. What I most like is myself. That is the number one «like» on my list!!
When you are forty, magically, from one day to another, you get to like who you are, and don’t giving a sheet of what other people think of yourself.
They can go and ffffff  ja ja ja well not that harsh, maybe.
Being forty it’s all about knowing that nobody gives a damn about what you are going to do and that the consequences of what you think or do are not even close of what you used to think in your twentys.
In my case, I had no thirties, because that’s when I had my children. My self nulified because of them and taking care of them and that’s allright, they deserve it and I did it gladly.
So, I had this jump from twenties, being so afraid of everything, to fortys, knowing for sure that it’s fine, and it will always be allright!!

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