My son with hepatitis

Some 8 or 9 days ago, my son began complaining about stomach ache. At first, I did’nt  pay attention. This has been like 8 or so weeks with lot of ill people in my home, including me, but mostly my two sons and husband. So, I hoped that this was nothing.
The day after the first complain, he did’nt go to school because of the 3 Wise Man coming to this house. I left to work thinking, that both children would be very entertained with their new toys. And after a couple of hours my husband, of course, not knowing nothing and not knowing what to do without me, called me to le me know that Pablo felt sick and what should we do.
Well, I said, bring me the boy here at the office and I will take him to the doctor.
That we did, and the doctor told me that he had a sore throat (what?!! but his stomach aches!!) The doctor said that even though, this was about the throat and please give him Motrim, that is, Ibuprofen.
What!! I took you to the doctor, I lost hours away from my job, and to give you Ibuprofen!! You have got to be kidding me!!
Poor kid, I gave him a very hard time yelling at him. I was very mad.
So, long story made short, the kid actually has hepatitis.
The kid was allright and the doctor was not. We all changed our minds when he urinated all brown. Like coca cola.
He is all yellow, poor thing.
I bought him toys to make his sataying home less bored.

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