My favourite tv shows

I love TV. I mean, really, really love TV. It is a big part of my life and has been since I was born, maybe. My father, who was my biggest influence till the day he died, at one point of his life had two TVs in his bedroom. He always used to watch TV every night of his life. Wherever he were.
So, me too. I love watching TV.
My favourite shows are… In no particular order…
When Friends was on air, they had the exact same age as I did. I used to dress like the girls, and was not so sexually active as they were, but I liked a lot the humor, kind of dry sense of jewish humor.
And they had good script, like the Ross and Rachel on again, off again, or when Monica and Chandler… I just laughed a lot. The began when I was in my early twenties and ended it when my first child was less than one year old, so they kind of keep me company many times.

Frasier was a very very good show. They don’t do it like that anymore. Like simple comedy but at the same time very sophisticated. The Niles character specially made me lagh a lot, and I kind of had a crush on David Hyde Pierce, but he is as queer as a queen.

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