The seventies

I love the seventies. I mean, lloovvee them. Reaaallyy Looooovvvvveeee them. And the sixties, too. Not so much the eighties. Nineties, very nice and good.
But what I really love love love, is the seventies.
For instance, this add for Lego
The man that is the «father» looks like he just spent the night with the lady, who did’nt took out all the make up she’s been wearing since last night. Nothing to do with the little girl and the fact that Lego is a toy… you know, for children. The man also looks like a very elegant drug lord. The woman want’s to be Cher, and you know? Maybe she is!
What I like about this picture, and the seventies, is that I myself was a kid in that years, and everything about the era reminds me my own childhood. I could be, maybe, that girl, because I was about that age, in that years.
There was a time when we were a «normal» family and that time was the seventies.

OK, so, now that your hair is longer, you need Wella Balsam!!I used to love the smell of wella shampoos. And the fact that they were kind of transparent. This guy in the add, reminds me a little of Raul Ramirez, the tenis player. My brother used to watch tennis all the time around the house, and maybe that is a reason why I love the sport so much, because it reminds me of the seventies!!

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