Stop Complaining! Says Roger Federer.

En una entrevista electrónica con The National, (que no tengo idea qué periódico es), Roger Federer parecía sugerir que el tour está bien y que los jugadores tienen que controlar sus propios destinos.
In an electronic question-and-answer exchange with The National,he seemed to suggest that the schedule ‘twas ever thus and that players control their own destinies.
«Debemos recordar que la temporada siempre ha sido larga y exhaustiva», dijo RF, «Eso es lo que hace el tennis tan asombroso. Imagina, antes, la mayoría de los jugadores también jugaban dobles» Afirmó que el calendario de la ATP no está designado como un instrumento para torturar a los jugadores «elite».
«We have to remember that the season has always been long and gruelling,» Federer said. «That’s what makes tennis so amazing.
«Just imagine, in the old days most of the top players were also playing doubles.»
He said the tennis calendar is not designed as an instrument of torture for elite players.
«»Sie«Siempre he tratado de asegurarme que algunas personas se den cuenta de que hay muchos jugadores que juegan y no solamente los más altos del rankin. Son otros jugadores que no ganan todas las semanas y necesitan los torneos y el dinero»
«I have always tried to make sure people realise that there are many players who are playing tennis and it’s not just the top guys,» he said. «There are other players who don’t win every week and want the tournaments and need the jobs.»
Los jugadores están obligados a jugar 16 torneos anuales: cuatro grand slams, ocho Masters y cuatro torneos de 250 puntos. Si juegan menos de 18 torneos, perderán puntos de ranking.
Players are obliged to play 16 tournaments (the four majors, the eight Masters-level tournaments and four of their choosing), and if they play fewer than 18 tournaments in a year they lose rankings points.
Djokovic jugó en el 2011 76 partidos; y Roger, también 76 partidos. «Creo que el reto para los jugadores es administrar su calendario y no jugar de más»
Certainly, Djokovic’s schedule through the US Open, coinciding with his surge to the No 1 world ranking, was extremely rigorous (76 matches). But welcome to Federer’s world: the 16-time slam champion has played at least 70 matches for 11 consecutive years, including 76 in 2011, when he turned age 30.
«I think the biggest challenge for the top players is managing our own schedules and not overplaying,» he said. «This is key to health and long-term success.»
Reconoce que el tema debe seguir estudiándose continuamente, pero comenta que algunas mejoras ya se han hecho. No tienen que jugar partidos de 5 sets en el tour de la ATP, solamente en los Grand Slams;  y hay más «draws» de 28 jugadores en los torneos. Primero hay que ver cómo funcionan estos cambios, dice, antes de implementar más.            
He concedes that the issue warrants continued study, but said that some improvements already have been made. «We now have many 28 [player] draws in the ATP 250 events, we don’t play three-out-of-five-set matches in the ATP Tour anymore and we will end the season earlier next year.
El resto de la entrevista:
«We need to see what happens as a result of these changes before making any new changes.»
He added that «we need to do what is right not just for the players but also for our tournaments, who are our partners in the management of the game».
He acknowledges changes in the game since his 1999 debut as a full-time player. «The slowing of the court surfaces, the string technology and the evolution of today’s modern athlete has contributed to making tennis … more challenging for the athlete,» Federer said.
As for his own longevity? «My passion for competition and my love for tennis has a lot to do with it.»
His passion and love bring him back to Abu Dhabi for the fourth edition of the Mubadala tournament, for which he expressed fondness despite never having won it.
«It is an amazing way to start the year,» he said. «Abu Dhabi does a great job of welcoming us players to the area, the fans are amazing, the crowds are great, the hospitality is perfect and you are almost guaranteed to have nice weather and competitive matches, which helps you get a jump start to the year.»
He will be hoping to open the 2012 season at the same level he ended 2011. He won 15 consecutive matches and three tournaments – including the Paris Masters and the ATP World Tour Finals in London – to conclude the year as the man to beat.
The Federer who will play in the capital is one who continues to look forward, intending to be a better player tomorrow than he was yesterday.
«I have always said that the minute you decide or think that you cannot improve is the time that you should stop playing,» he said. «The good news for me is that I feel like I still have things to learn and parts of my game to improve, so I am excited for the future.»

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