Today I am feeling tired

Things that are subject of worry for me:
Lore, his constant phone calls, the fact that she has’nt reached me and I can’t call her back. She wants to tell me something about Tony, and I am under the aknowledgement that He already called her sister to put things in order.
So, I am terrified to talk to her and listen to her traying to get her money, which I absolutely understand that maybe she needs the money and so, but I don’t have it, everybody knows that I still have some debt to pay, and that all my salary and my huband’s is for that, we are even making some sacrifices and our children are too.
So, I can’t pay her, and is going to be very umcomfortable to tell her so. That is one of the reasons why I am feeling worried and anxious.
Yesterday I could’nt sleep well, I was feeling pain in the same spot of always, and kind of a stomach ache due to having had so much to eat in my sister’s house.
Also, I am feeling worried about Flavia, and her reaction to the email that I sent to her, about somethings that she does when they both come to my house; things that bothers me and make me angry, but then I can’t mention it to her because she inmediately gets all upset and rises the tone of her voice, and so do I, and I don’t like making a show in front of my children.
Basically I told her that she and her daughter are very welcome to my home, but she has to follow some rules, like: «don’t tell my maids what to do, tell me first and I tell to them» Another complain of mine is that she wants her child to eat at some specific hour and I am not willing to do that.
And, I have to go to work, nothing new there. At 9 comes some visitor from the office, they are like reviewing the place I live, because they are «re-hiring me»
It’s been kind of hard to adjust to the new office and the new continuos working day. I miss my children and spent most of the time thinking of what are they doing and how it is going to affect them that I can’t be with them at meal time. But then again, Is something we all going to have to adjust, and I kind of have the feeling that it is not going to be that bad, any how. They are big boys and don’t have to be around me all the time.

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