What I want

I just read about generosity and instead of going with the tone of the reading,  here I go, wanting:
I want a lot of cash so I can stop worrying about my husband’s, my kids and my own future. Is like: what are we going to do when we are old? How am I going to pay for the children’s college? How am I going to pay for the things I need right now? (for instance: my boys need to go to the dentist, and so my husband. I have to get some test done to myself, like a mammography).
Just yesterday the company doctor made a physical exam to me. Was very simple, and even so, he made the following recomendations:
  • To exercise
  • To take a multivitamin
  • To have a mammography done to me
Everyone of those recommendations, means money. Because: If I want to exercise I have to do it here in home, so I can be with my children. And for that I have to buy a walking machine.
To take a multivitamin, well it is obvius that they are not for free. They are rather expensive.
And the mammography has a cost of 100 dollars. Which I don’t have right now because I am still paying debt.
That’s a little example of the many expenses. Another one: getting my husband car to the shop. And mine as well. It’s been four years without vacation, we absolutely need one.
And is not like I am not grateful for what I do have, of course I am. I love coming to my new house and see my kids playing with their very expensive new toys, and to see that we have three meals a day and a maid.
All those things are very good, but God, It will never end? I really wish that for like six months, I would not have to worry about dentist and insurance and mammography.
Such is life, they say.
So I was begining my day with a positive note, and it’s turning to be the other way. No! I won’t let that happend! I will stay focus on good things, and have hope on God generosity!
Nice image of a sunrise I think is in Jupiter or something

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